The students attending the module “Exploring the British Isles” recently had the exciting opportunity to explore the captivating capital of the UK: London. This trip was a fantastic chance for our students to deepen their knowledge of English culture, language and history.

After attending English classes in the mornings, our group visited some of the city’s most iconic landmarks in the afternoons. We kicked off our trip with the truly haunting Jack the Ripper Walk, marvelled at the sheer size of the London Eye, the grandeur of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and learned lots about the bloody past of the Tower of London. The students did not just widen their cultural horizons by wandering through the corridors of the many museums we visited, but also gained a first-hand experience of the great variety of London’s foodie scene at Borough Market and Chinatown.

In addition, our students were able to enhance their English skills in an authentic environment by interacting with locals and handling real-life situations in English all week. Retrospectively, the London trip was undeniably an enriching experience for our students, expanding not only their horizons but also creating lasting memories. We’ll certainly be back!